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Cultural Calendar: March 2023

A selection of student-friendly (100% free!) events in Oslo during the first month of spring.

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With spring finally in our grasp, it’s high time to be adventurous and try something new! Being a student is so much more than just burying ourselves in books, and as an international student, it’s not always easy to find activities that are both affordable and accessible. That's why we have decided to put together an all-encompassing list of free events for you to try throughout the month of March!

Art Events

Cozy art exhibition at VEKTA gallery

Organized almost every Friday by the Einar Granum art school in Vulkan, this event gives art students an opportunity to share their work to the public. The gallery opens Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Free wine is usually served, as well as some snacks — but this depends on the artist. The location of the gallery is ideal if you want to prolong the evening, as it is only a couple of minutes away from Blå, a famous jazz-club in Oslo. If you are hungry, you could also grab some food from Mathallen. This weekend’s exhibition held by Tori Dhunsi is titled “I am not an Island. I am a body of water”.

When: Friday, 3rd March from 19.00; Saturday, 4th, 12.00-16.00; Sunday, March 5th, 12.00-16.00

Where: Galleri Vekta, Nordre gate 2, 0551 Oslo

More information here

Exhibition opening and performance at the Nordic Black Theatre

Take a trip to the Nordic Black Theatre to see a unique exhibition vernissage by Yosh Jose called “Ancestral Graphics.” Using different materials and dimensions, framed and unframed, the artist brings forth themes of afro-brazilian religious and orishas. The research also involves the culture, faith and ancestry of Bahia. The event begins with a talk with the artist and a live performance by actress Fernanda Veloso.

When: Wednesday, 15th March, 18.00

Where: The Nordic Black Theatre & Cafeteatret, Hollendergata 8, 0190 Oslo

More information here

Music and Nightlife Events

Free rock concert at Bislett

The Norwegian rock band Villskudd are playing a concert at Samfunnet where they will celebrate the release of their new album. What’s even better is that this concert is completely free for everyone! Not only is the concert reason enough to go — Samfunnet is a really great place to know if you are living in Oslo, as they offer many fun student-oriented events on a weekly basis, such as quizzes, concerts and so much more.

When: Friday, 10th March, 19.00

Where: Samfunnet, Bislett

More information about the event here, and listen to Villskudd on Spotify

Silent Disco at Chateau Neuf

Silent Discos are one of those things you often hear about but rarely get the chance to partake in, but this March Chateau Neuf is hosting a silent disco that’s free for students! If you are not familiar with the concept — silent disco means that everyone puts on their own pair of headphones that are connected to different music stations, which ultimately means you are free to change the music whenever you like. Be warned, however: this event is very popular, so make sure to get there early to guarantee yourself a spot!

When: Friday, 17th March, 22.00

Where: Betong, Chateau Neuf (Near Majorstuen, T-bane)

More information here

Socializing events

Meet new friends on Campus

SiO has teamed up with SPEEDFRIENDING — an organization dedicated to helping people make new friends. It is no secret that Norway can feel like a lonely country sometimes (especially for international students), so this event is the perfect opportunity to meet some new people on campus! You have to register online first (the link is added below) and snacks will be provided.

When: Thursday, 9th March, 16.00

Where: Union Blindern

More information here

Learn to knit while meeting new people

Knitting is a very popular activity in Scandinavia — even among young people! It’s the perfect activity to relax and chat with friends, so whether you’re making your tenth jumper already, or you’ve never attempted to knit before, this event could be for you! If you don’t own needles, no worries! They will be provided, as well as some yarn, coffee, and cakes! This event is also about socializing, so prepare for a small quiz!

When: Wednesday, 15th March, 18.00

Where: Biblioteket, Chateau Neuf (Near Majorstuen, t-bane)

More information here

Food Events

“Pay as you feel” lunch on Sundays!

A super cozy cafe in Bjørvika called Løsæter offers delicious plant-based drinks and food every Sunday with no set price! Though you are expected to give some donation, the idea is that healthy plant-based meals shouldn’t be considered a luxury, and everyone (including students!) should be able to afford it! Losæter organizes this event on a weekly basis, so check it out next time you have a free Sunday!

Where: Løsæter, Kongshavnveien, Bjørvika, Oslo

When: Sunday, 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th March

More information here

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