While we are still bearing the cold winter months, there are many activities we can enjoy, making our time in Oslo a little bit more cozy and a lot more fun.

Cultural Calendar: February 2024

A fresh list of things to do for free (or almost for free) in Oslo during the last month of winter.


Have you heard? January is over, thank god. This means the days are longer, the sun is out more often, and we are getting closer and closer to spring. Although we are so excited for flowers blossoming and sunbathing, we still have a few months to enjoy some fun winter activities because, as Elsa from Frozen would put it, “the cold never bothered us anyway.” 

Outdoor activities 

Yes, you have heard that right. Norwegians love to be outdoors and in contact with nature as much as possible. Once you have accustomed yourself to low temperatures, you are capable of anything. 

Ice skating

Oslo has a variety of ice skating rinks that are totally free to use. The most famous one is Spikersuppa at the National Theater. You can also skate at the Opera or at Frogner Stadium, right next to Vigelands Park. Both rinks are open in the evenings as well and dispose of skate rentals. If you are more daring, Sognsvann or Bogstadvannet are perfect spots to pretend you are a ballerina on ice or play hockey with your friends. Just remember to check if the ice is thick (around 10 cm minimum) and temperatures low enough. 

If you don’t own your own ice skates, there is an association called BUA which provides free winter sports equipment for rent, as long as you sign up with a Norwegian phone number. 

Ice bathing

Are you one of those people who would dare to do almost anything? Then you must be curious about how well you could do ice bathing. It is custom to dig a hole in ice and just dive for a few seconds, or minutes, that is, if you’re immortal. Good for your circulation and to tell your friends back home that you are finally immune to the cold. 

Where: Sognsvann lake

Toboggan run in Korketrekkeren

Skiing can be pricey and scary for those of us who have never been in the snow, so there’s an alternative that’s cheaper and less risky – sledding. Oslo’s most popular toboggan run goes from Frognerseteren to Midstuen metro station. It’s easily accessible, by just taking line 1 of the T-bane; and one of the most fun experiences you will have in the city. You can ride for free if you bring your own sled, or rent one for the entire day and pay between 100 NOK and 150 NOK. 

When: Monday to Friday, 10:00 - 21:00; Saturday, 9:00 - 21:00; Sunday, 10:00 - 18:00
Where: Korketrekkeren
Learn more here.

And remember, the run only opens if there is enough snow, so go before spring shows up unannounced. 

Indoor activities

If you’re not an outdoorsy person, don’t panic, we still have activities for you to enjoy Oslo’s rich cultural life.

Jam Sessions around the city

Quick, you have just landed a date with this other student you have been obsessing about and have no idea where to take them. Well, if you both like music there’s a cheaper alternative to attending a concert, that is Jam sessions. Every Sunday, Herr Nilsen hosts jam sessions where musicians put on quite a show. 

When: Every Sunday, 21:00
Where: C. J. Hambros plass 5, 0164 Oslo

There are many more bars that host jam sessions around the city. If you are interested, you can definitely check out Parksalongen’s jam season opening. 

When: Sunday, 11th of February, 19:30 - 23:55
Where: Waldemar Thranes gate 1A, 0171 Oslo

For environmentally conscious fashion enthusiasts

Kulturhuset will host The Fashion Archives vintage market. Second-hand slow fashion will be displayed at the venue where you can maybe find your next reliable piece or fit of the day, and all of this while you vibe to music and have some snacks. 

When: Saturday, 10th of February, 12:00 - 17:00
Where: Kulturhuset, Youngs gate 6, 0181 Oslo
Learn more here.

Student life 

Whether you are a new student this semester or have been in Oslo for a while and are interested in meeting new students, SiO has a variety of different events that are student-related so you can make new friends and enjoy activities you are keen on. 

Film screenings 

There are many ways you can enjoy film in Oslo as a student for affordable prices. Here are some interesting screenings this month: 

1. Joshua: Teenager vs. Superpower will be screened at SAIH Blindern for free, open for all students. You will enjoy a fun evening of film and snacks. When the screening is over, there will be an open discussion of the movie. 

When: Wednesday, 7th of February, 17:15 
Where: SAIH Blindern, Villa Eika
Learn more here

2. Bubble Bath, the 1980 Hungarian animated musical, will be screening at Chateau Neuf as part of the organized screenings hosted by film club Cinema Neuf. 

When: Monday, 12th of February, 19:00
Where: Chateau Neuf
Learn more here.

Check the event page of Cinema Neuf for more intriguing screenings. Prices are very student-friendly – 40-60 NOK!

3. Casablanca, an all-time classic, is going to be screened at NFkino Klingenberg on the 14th of February. Celebrate Valentine's Day with your significant other – for only 100 NOK!

When: Wednesday, 14th of February, 17.30
WhereNFkino Klingenberg
Learn more here

Join a student association

What better way to meet people and do fun things than joining a student association? From student orchestras, choirs, sports, science, culture, and simple social engagement – there is something for everyone. Enjoy activities up your alley and meet other students who can relate to you while you enjoy what Oslo’s cultural scene has to offer in a very affordable way.

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