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Concert Review after a Cosy Friday Night at Betong

Artists: Rick Grove and Julie Henrikke; where: Betong stage at Chateau Neuf; when: 25.02.2022

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As the pandemic related restrictions finally disappeared mid-February, it was also time again for Chateau Neuf and its countless number of student associations to resume their activities.

And so did Betong – the concert association, which organises concerts at the Betong stage of Chateau Neuf. The last two years have been difficult for the association as for most cultural venues because there haven’t been any concerts since mid-Novembe. But finally, on the last Friday in February, Betong could invite the guests to a cosy acoustic night with two upcoming young local artists – Rick Grove and Julie Henrikke.

Young local artists Rick Grove and Julie Henrikke.

8pm – the doors open and there are already plenty of students outside waiting to get in. People are filling the space with their chatting and laughter, getting drinks at the bar and watching for the best spots to see the concerts. The bar tables with candles on it made it extra cozy and invited to a “koselig” night.

8:40pm – Rick Grove – young singer and songwriter enters the stage and steps in front of the audience holding his acoustic guitar. Just in the beginning, a bit of stage fright came through, which Rick mastered in a very likable and authentic manner. It just made the audience connect more with the artist, and he got warm and positive support. Therefore, the performance could continue according to the plan. Rick captivated the audience, which was a beautiful mix of local and international students, with his authentic, positive vibe and charming voice. Very nicely done was the change between the dreamy, calmer songs and the once that were performed using an e-guitar, such as “Google” or “Blur”. The time just flew by and suddenly the set was finished with the last song “Reptile”. You can catch Rick at Havstrøm Festival 2022 on 12th March with the full band.

Rick Grove setlist:

01. Intro

02. Just a Phase

03. Scru Up

04. Thankful

05. Google

06. Just When We Left

07. Down That Road Again

08. Reasons

09. Blur

10. Reptile

A short break between the sets of Rick and Julie was scheduled for a chat and to refill the glasses. Refreshed and full of attention we get back to the stage where Julie and Rick who is supporting her on the guitar are back in position to continue the evening. Julie’s voice appears light and soft, floating over the venue. If you closed your eyes, you could feel the spring sun and a light breeze stroking over your hair or immediately found yourself on the grass in front of the Eiffel Tower when listening to „Paris“. Julie released her debut album “vann renner ut av glass” in February 2021, and of course some songs that were played were taken from the album, while she and Rick also performed new songs which don’t even have their final titles yet like “Vegg” and “Bare lenge nok”.

The concert night at Betong turned into a very cosy, dreamy, and relaxed evening to enjoy and distract for a moment from the crazy outside world.

Julie Henrikke setlist:

01. Enden av en tråd

02. Videre

03. Paris

04. Hav og palmer o gen nymalt

05. Vegg (working title)

06. Bare lenge nok (working title)

07. Tulipanene i Sorgenfri

08. Hvile nå

09. Romslig stue

10. En annen vei

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