Beer: It's now possible to buy Chang beer at Ramen Ya.
Beer: It's now possible to buy Chang beer at Ramen Ya.

Now you can buy beer at Frederikke

SiO has started selling beer at Tacoteket and Ramen Ya, but there are no plans to start selling beer at the Frederikke cantina itself.

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Beer and universities go together, especially in Norway. But until recently, Blindern students could not buy a cold pint at lunch – they could only visit the local store and buy a can of Aass. Now that’s changing.

«At UiO it’s possible to buy beer at Tacoteket and Ramen Ya. We started serving it after Easter,» said Steffen Greff, director of SiO Food and Drink.

Both eateries are in the Frederikke building, and so far they sell Chang and Estrella. A 0.33 liter costs 55 NOK.

«We want to create a friendly atmosphere and good social arena for students and employees, within certain boundaries that apply,» said Greff.

In the flagship eatery, Frederikke cantina itself, there is no beer to be had. Greff says he can’t promise any changes on that front.

«But you can also get good food,» he said.

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