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Cultural Calendar: March 23 – March 27

With April almost on our doorstep, it’s high time to update your wardrobe, enjoy some nice food and drinks, and refresh your memory for the upcoming exams.

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Something musical, something historical

1. Music Bingo at Chateau Neuf

If you love music and know more genres and songs than anyone, then music bingo at Chateau Neuf is just for you. Bring your friends and spend some quality time together, listening to music and competing with other teams. There are prizes for winners!

  • When: March 23, 8–10 pm
  • Where: Chateau Neuf (Slemdalsveien 15, 0369 Oslo)
  • More info: Facebook event

2. Quiz at Blindern

There is nothing more controversial than capitalism in contemporary economics. How did capitalism appear and develop, and is it as amazing as one might believe? If you want to learn more about this topic (or show off your extensive knowledge), join the Capitalism Quiz at Blindern this Thursday. Come with friends and enjoy a fun and intellectual night out together.

  • When: March 24, 5 pm – 1 am
  • Where: U1 — Blindern
  • More info: Facebook event

Something old, something new

3. Clothes Swap by SiO

Remember that blouse / T-shirt / pants you bought two years ago and put on only once? Well, maybe twice. Nonetheless, it just sits in your closet, occupying space and gathering dust. Good news! A clothes swap hosted by SiO this Friday is meant just for you.

Bring up to 10 pieces of clothing, exchange them for up to 10 coupons, and find something perfect for your next Instagram outfit. One coupon—one piece of clothing. Fair is fair :)

Oh, and a free slice of pizza is available for everyone!

  • When: March 25, 4–7 pm
  • Where: Blindern (Problemveien 11, 0371 Oslo)
  • More info: Facebook event

4. Flea Market at Perestrojka Bar

In need of something unique or vintage to add some flavor to your daily outfits? Or maybe you’ve been looking for a perfect lamp or a figurine for your apartment, but nothing catches your eye?

Perestrojka Bar hosts its last Sunday flea market this March. Check it out for art, clothes, plates and cups, and, of course, delicious snacks with coffee or beer. And nice pictures are guaranteed!

  • When: March 27, 12–6 pm
  • Where: Perestrojka (Storgata 13, 0155 Oslo)
  • More info: Facebook event

Something sweet, something warm

5. Official Waffle Day

Yes, there is an official waffle day! And it is this Friday! There is no better occasion to try all existing kinds of waffles. And you’re welcome to do so at Mathallen Oslo. In collaboration with Norwegian companies, they sell different waffles to meet each and every taste. The profits will be sent to charity and spent on helping homeless people in Oslo.

  • When: March 25, 3–7 pm
  • Where: Mathallen Oslo (Vulkan 5, 0178 Oslo)
  • More info: Facebook event

6. Cacao Crawl

Eager to meet new people and adore hot chocolate? Warm drinks and a nice conversation do go hand in hand. Come over to Tullins Café this Sunday to experience both! You’ll make new friends and enjoy a steaming cup of cacao. Sounds like a great Sunday, doesn’t it?

  • When: March 27, 5 pm
  • Where: Tullins Café (Tullins Gate 2, 0166 Oslo)
  • More info: Facebook event

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