Cultural Calendar - May 17th Edition

Gratulerer med dagen! How can you make the best of Norway’s National Day during these times?

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May 17th is more than just constitution day for Norwegians. Historically, this day was established as National Day in 1814 as the Constitution of Norway was signed in Eidsvoll. This day marks the day Norway attained independence. Each year there are parades around the country on May 17, but, due to the restrictions, this year the traditions are being carried out in alternate ways. Celebrations are limited to smaller groups, and we hope you can make the best out of it.

Food is a very important part of May 17 as people eat «whatever they want», and that mostly means eating junk foods, like ice cream, soda, and a lot of cake! Don’t forget to stock up!

Children play an essential role in the celebrations of May 17. Every year, children carry out parades consisting of marching, waving flags, and carrying school banners. Unfortunately, this year the parade has been cancelled due to corona restrictions. Nevertheless, you may enjoy choral music by Oslo Janitsjar and Ruseløkka Janitsjarorkester early in the morning at 07.00 outside various churches in Oslo. Another event that you may choose to attend to is the children's parade that will happen in the world of the Minecraft game, at 12. Read more here

High school graduating students play an important role on May 17 as well. These are called the «Russ» and they can be recognized in their special Russ suits and hats. Each year approximately 40,000 students start the celebration on May 1 and end it on 17th of May. The almost month-long celebration consists of party buses, drinking and driving around. Have you spotted any Russ students and asked for cards yet?

At around 10.00, do not forget to look up at the sky and witness Nedre Romrike fly club planes fly over Oslo.

Around 11.30, The royal family will appear on the Palace balcony to attend the national day celebrations. The celebration ends with the Royal Family singing the national anthem with the rest of the country after the salutes at 12:00.

Around 12.02, The whole country will sing the national anthem from their balconies, terraces or in the street. Feel free to join and sing along.

School corps and youth corps will create May 17 mood while marching and singing. They will appear without prior notice, so listen and stay tuned. If you spot one, feel free to sing along.

Witness a boat parade on the Oslo Fjord with Color Magic Cruise and Norwegian boats. Nothing better than a maritime celebration. The boats leave at 10.00 am from the Color Line Hjortnes and ends at Nesodden at 12.00.

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