The Best Instagrammable Spots in Oslo

No matter if you are an influencer or just getting started with Instagram, the places listed in this article will definitely transform your Instagram page.

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A lot of things we do abroad we do for the gram – the hikes, driving to places outside the city and swimming in ice-cold water. We feel that it is our responsibility to show our friends and family back home how well we are doing abroad. To create an even cooler, more unusual and attractive Instagram profile, I will share with you some nice locations you can take your next pictures at. And since Oslo is so versatile you can always choose between traditional and modern architecture to match your style.

So, let us start with some classics:

Karl Johans Gate

If you are not new to Oslo you are well acquainted with the main shopping street in Oslo – Karl Johans Gate. What makes this street instagram-worthy is the fact that at the very end of it, on top of a hill you will find the Royal Palace. It presents itself so well in the background of pictures and will definitely attract a few more followers.

Another nice picture can be taken in the alley next to the National Theatre between the trees. Still, do not forget to check out all the buildings on your next stroll through the street as almost all of them are worthy of your Instagram page. Among others you should immortalize the Parliament and the National Theatre in your pictures for an extravagant mood.

Domus Media

The term Domus Media may not be immediately associated with a particular location but I am sure you know the University Square and the three buildings surrounding it. Domus Media is the building in the middle with the huge columns and the beautiful staircase, which may remind some of you of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. (although the colors are completely different). If you ever want to feel small simply stand next to the columns and press the button on your camera. If you find the right angle the pictures will turn out better than even expected.

The Royal Palace

Another classic is the Royal Palace. Since the palace is isolated from other buildings, you can really capture its beauty and let it stand out in your pictures. Sometimes less is more because it puts more focus on you since there is no distracting background. Just sit on the stairs, take a picture with one of the guards or take a picture in the Royal Gardens. You have countless possibilities in that location, so do not let that go to waste.

Opera House

The probably best-known opera house can be found in Sydney, but Oslo’s Opera House also convinces with its contemporary architecture. The building, which resembles a glacier sliding into the water, is the perfect location for your next Instagram post. You can either stand by the reflecting glass windows, up on the roof by the large metal housing or with the city in the background. It even lends itself to capture the whole opera in order to draw attention to the whole building. For that you can simply sit on the steps to the right of the opera.

Actually, you should also not miss out on the inside of the opera. The light-flooded interior of the opera and the wooden ornaments create a modern and fancy atmosphere on every picture. Just point the camera more upwards and see for yourself.

Aker Brygge and Tjuvholmen

Everyone‘s favorite are Aker Brygge and Tjuvholmen. Located by the water with its many contemporary buildings and sculptures it is the ideal location for a photoshoot or some selfies. For some modern architecture in your background go to Tjuvholmen. It is the perfect spot to take some “mirror-selfies” in one of the countless glass windows. However, if you are fond of old-fashioned brick buildings take a few pictures in Holmens Gate at Aker Brygge.

The Streets of Grünerløkka

Famous for its hipster vibe, the countless restaurants and pubs and the outlandish stores Grünerløkka is also the perfect location for a small photoshoot. The most beautiful and colorful streets and old buildings can be found in that area. Just pick one street and let yourself be inspired by Grünerløkka’s unique vibe. For that extra Berlin touch I recommend the area around Blå.


Another popular location that literally calls for a picture is the Barcode. It consists of twelve modern buildings, each completely different from one another and with its own distinctive character. You have so many options there that I am more than sure that your picture will still stick out from all the other pictures ever taken at the Barcode, and modern architecture always presents itself well on Instagram.

And now let’s take a look at some places that are often overlooked and underrated:

[As already mentioned before in another article](aa), the Rådhus has a beautiful interior, which is frequently overlooked. Most people do not even know they can enter the building during the opening hours. Once inside you will be mesmerized by the colorful walls and the size of the main hall. Do not shy away from taking a picture right in front of one of the walls or by the big windows and the sea view. Make the town hall a more prominent Instagram location because it definitely deserves more attention!

If you want to trick someone into believing that you are in a huge metropolis you should not leave out Akrobaten Pedestrian Bridge. The bridge itself has a similar vibe like the Millennium Bridge in London only that the background is better: if you came from Grønland and walk towards the Barcode you will be able to capture the modern bridge with some fancy architecture in the background.

You might be asking yourself: “Why would I take pictures in the mall?” The answer is easy: because there is one spot in particular that might catch your attention. Everyone knows the angel wings in LA, but only a few have discovered those in Oslo. They are upstairs in the mall right above the main entrance. So, when you enter the building just go all the way up and get yourself some wings.

Sørenga can probably be considered one of the most popular swimming and dining spots in Oslo. But people forget that it can also serve as a good Instagram location. From afar Sørenga may seem quite uninteresting as the buildings do not convince with their color, but go into one of the streets - you might be blinded by the bright colors of the buildings. I would say those colors are perfect for your next summer post.

I hope everyone has heard of the area Kampen in Oslo. If you haven’t yet, you should get up and explore it right away. The neighborhood has traditional Norwegian houses as far as the eye can see and is definitely worth an Instagram post. Especially those of you who are interested in Norwegian culture should not miss out on it.

Have you ever taken a closer look at the Forskningsparken`s campus? This might come to you as a surprise, but this is actually a great instagrammable spot. On the one side you will find huge reflecting glass windows, while on the other side you have large silver ornaments on the walls of the building. Both things will definitely add a little spice to your Instagram page and leave your followers wondering where you have taken those pictures.

  • 1. Main Hall at Rådhus
  • 2. Akrobaten Pedestrian Bridge
  • 3. Oslo City
  • 4. Sørenga
  • 5. Kampen
  • 6. Forskningsparken

Lastly, some places outside of Oslo are worth mentioning like:

• Equinor

• Skulpturene på Fornebu

• Kongens Utsikt

If you are concerned about your Instagram profile and want to feed it with some new content, it should be your priority to include one of the above-mentioned spots in your next post. Not only will you get more likes and perhaps even new followers, but this way you can definitely impress your friends and family back home. Show everyone how great and versatile Oslo is!

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