Blindern Campus
Blindern Campus

«Chambers of Secrets» at the UiO

At first sight the University of Oslo might not seem like a mysterious place to you. «Why would it actually be?» – you might think. The University of Oslo is no Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but it has some «chambers of secrets» that you may not have heard about.

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For instance, do you know that the UiO has a quidditch team? Have you ever been to language cafes at Blindern, where you can meet new people and boost your speaking skills? We would like to direct your attention to the list of places and services that you should be aware of in order to enjoy your student time in Oslo even more.

№1 Academic Writing Centre

As students at the UiO we get a lot of assignments, and sometimes (actually always – who are we kidding?!) it is very difficult just to start writing. That is why the Academic Writing Centre should become your best friend already this semester, since there you can book free consultations with highly motivated students, who will be glad to help you with the structure, style, formulation of a research question or other issues linked with a writing process. You can also send them up to 10 pages of your draft for evaluation of your writing skills. Please note that the Academic Writing Centre does not assess the scientific content of your assignment.

If you need some assistance with sources selection or references, you are encouraged to contact a librarian and organize a meeting. For more information concerning the services provided, working hours and booking details please follow this link.

№2 Student pubs

Student Pubs
Student Pubs

“A little party never killed anyone”, right? (Sorry, Fergie, my high school English teacher would curse me if I cited your original song`s line and used double negative). The doors of the student pubs are open for everyone, who is looking for cheaper drinks, good music and great company. Kjeller`n, U1, Amatøren, Escape - choose any pub you like and go there to experience what student life is when not studying. Each student pub has a page on Facebook, where you can get all the necessary information regarding the upcoming events, such as quizzes, concerts and parties.

P.S. remember to take your valid ID with you.

№3 Peer Support

Steve Jobs once said: “Sometimes life`s going to hit you in the head with a brick. Don't lose faith”. In such moments when life is mean towards you, it is important to talk about things that bother you. Our relatives do not always have time and enough patience to listen to our problems, that is why SiO has a special program called “peer support”. Its main idea is to support the students, who face practical, social and emotional challenges. It could be in a form of informal conversations or heart-to-heart talks. “Peers” are students just like you, who volunteered to help others. Except personal meetings, they organize parties, social gatherings, game nights and etc. Check out their Facebook page for details.

№4 Chateau Neuf

Chateau Neuf
Chateau Neuf

Live concerts, funny and exciting quizzes, theatre performances, amusing impro shows, crazy parties – that is only a small part of all the cool events happening inside the walls of the Norwegian Students' Society. Don't worry if you do not speak Norwegian yet, there are plenty of activities for English-speaking students as well. It is guaranteed that you will have a great time there!

№5 Athletica gyms


Are you fond of dancing and think about joining a dance studio? Or would you rather spend the money on a membership at a spa centre with saunas and swimming pools? A yoga class? Weightlifting? No need to choose because Athletica gyms offer you a wide range of activities you can do at student-friendly prices. Train as much as you want and track your progress. People at Athletica will never judge you even if you go there just to take selfies (been there/done that). The gyms are located all over Oslo and can be easily reached by public transport, bicycle or on foot.

№6 Interests clubs and SiO associations


If you consider your interests and hobbies too extraordinary and eccentric and you lost any hope to win friends, don`t give up. Instead, you should check out the overview of over 450 various associations registered at the Foundation for Student Life in Oslo and Akershus (SiO). There are professional, sportive, cultural, social, interdisciplinary, ethnic, religious and other different associations. Joining them constitutes a wonderful opportunity to hang out with co-thinkers, demonstrate your talents, develop your skills, learn a lot of new things and have a lot of fun.

Following SiO on social media is generally an excellent idea if you want to be aware of all curricular and extracurricular activities for students.

№7 International Student Union

The International Student Union deserves a specific attention in this list, since this organisation was formed by international students to assist each other at solving different issues that can emerge in the frames of studying. ISU organizes various free events for international students to make you all feel welcome here in Norway. Excursions to museums, guided tours around the city, thematic parties and festivals, cabin trips and many more exciting activities, where you can meet new friends and share the joy. Follow ISU on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated, because the best party of your life may take place even today!

№8 Career Centre

No experience in drafting a CV or a cover letter? Do you need a feedback on what you wrote? Never been to a job interview and want to prepare for it? Would like to know more about your job perspectives in Norway after graduation? Then the Career Centre is what you need. You can book an appointment here for a real life meeting at Blindern or a zoom session with the employees of the Career Center, who are eager to share with you useful tips on how to become “the pro” at the job market.

We truly hope that this article was useful to you. Undoubtedly, it is not easy being an international student in a foreign country, especially when you have no idea about all the free facilities and services your university prepared for you. Don't miss the releases of Inter Universitas to stay updated and turn unknown “chambers of secrets” at the UiO into places and pages, which will be helpful for you on your journey to your goals in your student life in Norway.

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